Unknown Stories Behind Known Company Logos

Posted: March 30, 2013 in learning system, Luxury Real Estate, Travel
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1. Apple

The famous tech company founded by Steve Jobs has a partially-eaten apple as its logo in monochrome. But not many know that its first logo, designed by Ron Wayne, depicted Sir Isaac Newton siting under an apple tree.

However, almost immediately, it was replaced by Rob Janoff’s design—a partially-eaten apple, except in a rainbow-coloured silhouette. Later, when Janoff presented Jobs several different monochromatic themes for the ‘bitten’ logo, the legendary founder of Apple instantly liked the logo since it seemed to “humanize” the company. The bite was designed to differentiate the logo from the fruit. The coloured theme was finally discontinued in 1998.


2. Android

The Android robot is a prime example of a playful logo made of fairly simple shapes. The logo was designed by California-based graphic designer Irina Blok, while the Android word mark was created along with the Droid font family by the Chicago-based type foundry Ascender Corporation.

‘Android Green’, the colour of the Android Robot that depicts the Android-operating system, stands for growth, freshness and prosperity.

3. BMW

The circular blue and white logo, or roundel, evolved from the Rapp Motorenwerke logo, from which Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, or the BMW company, grew, combined with the blue and white colors of the flag of Bavaria.

The logo portrays a moving aircraft propeller with white blades cutting through a blue sky, first used in a BMW advertisement in 1929, 12 years after the roundel was created.

4. Audi

Audi, which means ‘to listen’ in Latin, was formed after its founder August Horch was forced out of his former auto company—Horch—which in German means ‘hark’ or ‘hear’. In 1932, Audi merged with Horch, DKW, and Wanderer, to form Auto Union, which used the four interlinked rings that make up the Audi badge today. While it was earlier used only on Auto Union racing cars in the World War II period, it later became the official emblem.

Courtesy :- http://www.classteacher.com/blog/?p=239


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