Luxury Homes by Pioneer Urban A term that’s becoming increasingly more vague as the years go by. With more societies, localities claiming the titles of ‘luxury/premium spaces’, one is hard put to decide where to put up in order to generate a respectable amount of acclamation from envying acquaintances. Moreover, earlier, all one needed to attain the luxury quotient in his/her living space was to deck up a suitable 5 acre mansion with Baroque-style architecture and host a grand housewarming party to bask in the praise. Not anymore. With changing styles and attitudes, not to mention price tags, luxury homes are becoming ever-elusive in their mystique. Also, with Rs. 1 crore becoming the new 50 lac, one needs to draw the line on how much is too much for the perfect paradise home.
Nowadays, first impressions count for a lot, so you have to invest big time on your house’s facade. No irregularities, the building has to look very smooth, uber-refined and well-complemented prima facie. Most people opt to go for the yin-yang concept by setting up mirrors, or shall we say, soul mates, for their house bedecking. Others go for the slightly eccentric, outlandish measure, wherein they rub a little Chaos theory on their house structure to achieve a potent finish.
Also, you need to decide the category where your luxury home will snuggle. Do you want to go for the farmhouse type? If yes, we suggest sprawling grounds with an imposing front porch to give that haveli appeal. Throw in a swimming pool in the rear; extra points for an indoor heated one. Such farmhouse sorts can usually be found near the outskirts (assuming you’re looking to build one in/near metropolis areas) since there is no room for them within city premises.
If you’re up for the more modernistic house, basic, yet elegant, within a considerably smaller (relatively speaking!) area, you get the ticket for paying attention to detail on the finer aspects of your house. Focus on subtle embellishments so as to prevent your home from resembling an office building. These can include a specific style of architecture on the outside (Renaissance, Art Deco, Islamic domed or a blend of all!) and some creature comforts on the inside (walk-in pantries, libraries, wine cellars, pick one!)

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